The launch of our new website is the perfect opportunity to start a blog which will allow us to share with you stories from the team in Castletown. We hope that you will enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at what we do.

The diversity of our activities in Castletown means there is never a dull moment, and you will be able to hear exciting news and discover interesting aspects of this historic house and estate here first. Members of different teams will take turns in sharing with you an intriguing piece of their work, and in this way you will gain insight into the many different areas in which we work: from our guiding services to our education and outreach programmes, from collections care to conservation and research, from an exciting schedule of exhibitions and events over to gardening and restoration of the demesne.

Each post will aim to explore a different facet, from objects in our collection and the people who made them, to the history of the place and our endeavours to maintain it for the enjoyment of this and future generations.

We hope that you will find the content in our blog insightful and engaging. Each time a new post is up, we will let you know about it via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so follow us on social media to discover the latest news and information about what’s going on in Castletown.